Cartonboard is a sustainable, innovative and trend-setting material. MM Karton’s virgin fibre qualities, which are made from renewable materials, and WLC cartonboards, which are made from recovered papers, are not only solutions with history, but also a great future.

Digital innovations have shaped the world in every way over the last 20 years. For packaging, it provides convenience, because it is no longer a big issue to produce personalised packaging and differentiated products. With faster turnarounds and shorter lead times, logistics and delivery times are much more efficient, particularly for print-on-demand production. But, most importantly, the quality has been significantly improved: colour has caught up with conventional printing, even for the most demanding brands.


MM Karton has positioned itself in the digital market with two quality products: MM Digicarton and MM Digicarton Eco, the first is for the folding box board (FBB) sector and the second for white-lined chipboard (WLC). Both have been tested and awarded with three stars for digital printing machines, both roll-fed and sheet-fed, by HP Indigo, which are technically the most advanced, roll-fed digital print machines. The HP Indigo stars honour the cartonboard’s colour-fast quality and their smooth performance.

The challenges are constantly growing: individualisation and aging societies require more adjusted products for end customers. Patients or patient groups can receive medication in packaging with individualised or regional editions. With MM Digicarton and MM Digicarton Eco, converters and brand owners can be assured that they have a cartonboard with a low CO2 footprint that can achieve high-quality print results for a wide range of applications.

2D matrix codes

As well as usability and sustainability, safety aspects, particularly for pharmaceutical products, are becoming increasingly important, and demand the highest quality and performance standards, such as high stiffness and thickness, as well as great printability and varnishability from cartonboard producers. These criteria have made pharmaceuticals one of the most challenging applications for packaging manufacturers.

MM Karton contributes in its own way: the FBB-quality Excellent Top 2D, the WLC-quality MCM 2D and the Supra 2D have an optimised coating for 2D matrix codes. These codes can provide additional information printed on the cartonboard, guaranteeing counterfeit safety, and track and trace transport or storage time. The problem when it comes to matrix codes is that they must be dry within half a second and be wipe-proof in order to be readable according to ISO 15415. The special coating makes these important features possible.

Silvawhite – GC1

A demanding segment is the market for cosmetics, perfume, chocolate and confectionery. These require high-end packaging, and a creative and appealing presentation. Purchase decisions are made mainly at the point of sale, so, the packaging material needs to be ready for further processing techniques such as die-cutting, embossing, hot and cold foil preparation or UV-coating. This requires perfect smoothness, brilliant gloss and excellent cartonboard quality.

MM Karton’s latest FBB, Silvawhite, fulfils these demands. Its sensory properties are ideal for high-quality packaging solutions – far below Robinson value 1, indicating the cartonboard’s ability to maintain the product quality without a trace of taint or odour from the packaging.


Cartonboard is the perfect packaging material for pharmaceutical products: low weight and light-protected, it stores its contents safely and is by far the best in environmental terms. MM Karton’s FBB and WLC ranges stand for high-quality packaging.

MM Karton is a trusted supplier for leading producers of pharmaceutical products. Thanks to its imminent ‘MultiMill concept’ – where various mills produce the same ranges, such as Excellent Top, to the same quality – customers can be assured of a stable supply chain. Due to the company’s locations in Central Europe, its lead, delivery and service times are short.