Efficiency is vital in any clinical trial, with development timelines under pressure and cost reductions mandated. Clinical Trial Insight talks to Tim Roberts, director, business development, North America at Packaging Coordinators, Inc (PCI) about development-to-commercialisation solutions.

How important is it to reduce costs in clinical trials packaging?
More and more we hear from our customers that their development timelines are under pressure, and that speed to market, innovation and cost efficiency are vital to their projects’ success. PCI aims to provide its clients with faster-to-market strategies, ensuring more rapid pipeline development from preclinical development, early phase clinical studies through large-scale phase-III/IV commercial launch and ongoing supply.

What solutions does PCI have to achieve this? Can you take us through your development-to-commercialisation solutions?
PCI has significantly invested in its infrastructure, services and technology over the last 12 months to ensure we are ahead of the curve when providing our customers with the solutions they need to bring their product to market.

Across our 16 global facilities, PCI has a range of manual and highly automated packaging solutions that service both ends of the clinical packaging spectrum. From small phase-I to large pre-marketing studies, PCI can provide flexible solutions using a broad array of packaging technologies. These complement our drug manufacturing services, as well as global distribution for investigational drug product.

The added benefit of PCI’s in house laboratories, coupled with an award-winning packaging design team affords PCI the opportunities to develop solutions that are fit for both client and patient needs.

The recent addition of Penn Pharma to the PCI company adds the manufacturing expertise to deliver a much wider portfolio of services, which further supports our clients’ needs for faster delivery. Penn Pharma also offers the unique ability to develop and manufacture potent compounds, critical in areas such as oncology.

What are the benefits of supporting the full product life cycle?
Our team of dedicated project managers take our clients and their projects through from proof of concept to commercialisation. They understand our clients’ business needs and have an in-depth knowledge of the product they are working with, on the client’s behalf; they are often seen as an extension to the client team.

Having so many aspects of their project carried out under one roof, such as automated machines, lab assays and stability testing, can not only prove more cost-effective but also allows a greater understanding of the product, and ensures continuity and safety.

Any future plans you’d like to share with us?
PCI has been busy in recent months with the addition of the services of Penn Pharma and Biotec Services International in August, as well as the opening of a new North American storage and distribution facility for clinical trial materials in September.

We are now actively working to integrate these into the company, and are building a world-class organisation to continue to partner with leading pharmaceutical companies and bring lifesaving medicines to patients around the world. Our future looks bright.