ProofPilot is a digital protocol platform that eliminates guesswork and protocol deviations to create high-performance experiences for your sites and patients.

Maximize Quality

Eliminate mistakes and unknown unknowns in protocol conduct, delivering a high quality dataset every time

Simplify the Complex

Take the guesswork out of research conduct and participation for sites and patient

Save Time & Effort

Eliminate manual tasks and coordination through intelligent automation and virtual capabilities

Reduce Costs

Slash costs for screening, monitoring, & communication, and economize future builds through reuse


CoPilot for Clinical Sites

Remember, site staff are researchers, not detectives

  • Integrate all clinical tech platforms to relieve site burden and guesswork
  • Trigger logistics to ensure sites always have what they need, when they need it
  • Intelligent orchestrations removes the mystery of complex protocols

CoPilot for Research Participants

Patients are the most important part of the research team, treat them that way.

  • Serve up personalized content and trial guides ensuring success with diverse populations
  • Aggregated time-to-complete metrics help patients manage their time
  • All-in-one digital experience gives patients confidence in participating