Qualicaps® takes its role in defining and shaping the future of healthcare very seriously. With over a century of experience in manufacturing hard capsules that equips us with a keen understanding of our pharmaceutical clients, and a strong record of pioneering new forms of drug administration, we benefit from the ideal position to innovate for tomorrow and to continue marking the path long afterwards. Even today we do so, as our KAITEKI values and ethics are ingrained into not only our long-term thinking, but also our everyday actions.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, Qualicaps has incorporated the philosophy of KAITEKI, which is about caring for persons, the society and the planet. It is the ‘reason-why’ as well as the ‘how-to’ behind our management and our strategic initiatives, which are centred on three key pillars: economy, technology, and sustainability. Ultimately, in our day-to-day, this consists of a collective consciousness and joint efforts among the 55,000+ employees of the MCHC Group to contribute to the resolution of social and environmental issues through our products and services, and as a driver of innovation.

In fact, innovation has always been part of our nature; Qualicaps is responsible for several milestones in the history of hard capsule development within the pharmaceutical industry. We are a leader in being the first to design and implement features in our capsules; now widely accepted and trusted, they have since become industry standards:

  • First in creating a preservative-free formula: Quali-G™: High quality, pharmaceutical-grade gelatin capsules, the market standard solid dosage form. In Europe, Quali-G™ is made from 100% bovine bone gelatin, ensuring excellent mechanical properties. Available for oral and inhalation delivery.
  • First in bringing to the market a capsule of vegetal origin: Quali-V®: The trend in market preference, ideal for drug development due to excellent chemical and physical stability with no cross-linking reactions. 100% plant-based, they are acceptable for consumption within certain dietary and religious limitations. Offering a lower moisture content (4.0−6.0%) than gelatin capsules, but with an equivalent dissolution profile, Quali-V® is optimal for hygroscopic drugs, and can be filled with many types of formulations: powders, pellets, tablets, semi-solids and non-aqueous liquids.
  • First in developing a hypromellose capsule with superior functional properties specific to inhalation, for use in dry powder inhalers: Quali-V®-I: These capsules based on Quali-V® are specially formulated to achieve exceptional puncturing performance, unrivalled aerosolisation properties, minimal microbial levels and reduced static charge than gelatin. Quali-V®-I also offers reduced powder adhesion for more uniform dosing.

Qualicaps is an organization geared toward quality and functionality at the highest level of standards within the pharmaceutical industry. We are positioned as and delivering on being "Engineered to Perform", and thus take pride in producing each individual capsule with the objective of providing superior performance. We analyse performance from many perspectives: pharmaceutical-grade quality, productivity in filling machines, stability through shelf life, protection of the active ingredient contained within, and patient adherence and ease-of-use. Furthermore, we not only offer exceptional performance from our capsules, but also from our team made up of subject matter experts who collaborate with our customers to meet their business goals.

Internally, we continue to push onwards in the creation of the next-generation capsule. Our R&D is delving into areas such as the production of capsules made with new materials, the improvement of drug delivery through new films and chemistry, and the science of drug release and subsequent bioavailability. Externally, we actively engage with our stakeholder ecosystem, from equipment manufacturers to patient associations and pharmaceutical companies, thus constantly being vigilant of today’s and tomorrow’s movers and makers. We strive to bring quality of life to all of our key stakeholders, with the common core being the great number of individuals that use our capsules.

By way of our rich history, knowledge, capabilities, and our global presence through sites in the US, Europe, and Japan, we have an extensive breadth of scope to understand the playing field and devise winning strategies. As such, Qualicaps is contributing to a quantum leap in healthcare. We are imaging not only the capsule of the future, but also the future itself and are working towards it every day.