Rondo – a strong partner to the pharmaceutical industry

Rondo AG develops and produces packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to standard and special folding cartons, it also offers system solutions and services. Production takes place in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the USA and Puerto Rico. Worldwide, Rondo’s workforce of around 600 employees produces over two billion folding cartons and package inserts every year. Rondo is part of Medipak Systems, the pharmaceutical systems division of the international technology group Körber. Körber brings together the world’s leading technology companies with more than 140 production, service and sales companies and achieves sales of 2.6 billion euros with around 12,700 employees.

Rondo’s solution

Counterfeit drugs, new legal regulations and ever increasing competition: the pharmaceutical industry constantly has to face new challenges. It is a good thing to have a partner like Rondo onside; Rondo constantly has current developments and future trends in view and develops appropriate intelligent solutions. For standard folding boxes, clinical trial samples or customised special folding boxes: Rondo’s Tamper Evidence offers an extensive range of packaging solutions which fulfil a wide variety of different requirements. These may relate to child safety or patient compliance, counterfeit protection or serialization, tamper evidence or customised folding boxes which meet special requirements: We ensure that your pharma products are packaged securely and cost-effectively.

Supply on Demand – Rondo’s Supply Chain solution with Print on Demand

New serialisation requirements, personalised medicine, the growing range of concentrations of active agents and increasing language and country versions mean that the plethora of secondary packaging for pharma products is constantly growing. The result: pharma companies are coming up against the limits of their current logistics concepts. They are seeking solutions to maintain their flexibility and at the same time to stem looming losses in terms of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

With its Supply on Demand solution, Rondo substantially reduces turn-around times for orders and re-procurement costs for customers. To do this Rondo has automated its workflow and the workflow link with its customers by means of ERP integration. Many individual orders can now be processed when required.

Serialisation during folding-box production – an efficient, reliable alternative to the inline solution

Serialisation of drugs is confronting pharmaceutical companies all over the world with challenges, especially in relation to data handling and the integration of additional equipment and functions into existing packaging lines. Offline solutions, where secondary packaging is serialised directly by the folding-box manufacturer, combined with sophisticated data flow architectures, are a reliable, flexible and immediately available alternative to inline serialization.

Top Load Service

Top Loading is cost-effective, but your own Top Load machine may not be. So enjoy the benefits of our Top Load Service. From very small quantities for clinical trial samples or launches to large production runs, we can erect TopLoad packs for you, reliably and cost-effectively, for later filling with the medicine.

From semi-automated to fully automated erection, using two NeoTOP machines by Dividella: we guarantee consistently high quality, customised solutions, cost-effectiveness for the full spectrum of production runs, flexible coverage for production peaks, short-term product launches and enhanced functionalities such as the overlid function or gluing in an additional lid panel.

Pharma 4.0: Pharma packages – smart, intelligent, talking

The Medipak Systems companies are working in their respective core areas and increasingly with each other to find answers to the question of how the pharma industry can generate sustainable competitive advantages with the aid of Industrie 4.0. To this end Rondo, Dividella, Traxeed, Systec & Services, Fargo Automation, Mediseal, Seidenader and Werum IT Solutions are combining their process knowledge and machinery know-how using the very latest information and communications technologies.

Smart Packaging – Consumer & Production

Smart packaging takes product personalisation and product security to a new level. It concerns both communication of the pack with the patient and communication with the machines in the production process. In addition to the actual product, consumers have the possibility of requesting additional services via the packaging. Within production, the pack communicates with the packaging machine and, for example, controls settings for individual, personalized products. At the same time, smart packaging increases the safety of products by incorporating tamper evidence or traceability or by recording harmful fluctuations in temperature or impacts affecting the product.