Roquette is a long-established supplier of raw materials and excipients developed from natural harvests such as wheat, maize, pea and potatoes. A solutions provider for the pharmaceutical industry, it offers a full set of enabling functionalities for solid, liquid and paste dosage forms, as well as injectables. Whatever the requirement, Roquette has a solution.

Roquette is world leader on the parenteral preparations market and can propose a reliable pyrogen-free range of injectable products for life-saving such as dextrose monohydrate Lycadex PF, mannitol Pearlitol PF, sorbitol Neosorb PF, and parenteral-grade hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrin Kleptose HPB/HP.

Kleptose cyclodextrins are efficient solubilisation enhancers and taste-masking agents. A full range is available, from native to hydroxypropyl cyclodextrins, for uses in many dosage forms, from solid to liquid.

A new product based on pea maltodextrin, Kleptose Linecaps has also been developed as taste-masking technology for any kind of dosage forms (for example, liquids, chewable tablets, ODT, and suspensions) and is particularly adapted to the paediatric market.

Multifunctional and compounded excipients are also developed to match the industry needs for simpler formulas. Pearlitol Flash and Starlac are such compounds, which are, for example, used in attractive orodispersible tablet formulas for nutraceutical applications.

Lycoat film coating polymer and ReadiLycoat ready-to-use coating systems allow tablets to be coated very quickly and with a high quality standard. Moreover, Lycoat film coating polymer has proven to have an exceptional inertness where other coating polymers have failed.

Among other fillers and binders, Roquette offers the most extensive range of polyols, including Pearlitol mannitol, Neosorb sorbitol powder and solution, SweetPearl maltitol, Lycasin maltitol solution and Xylisorb xylitol. New grades have been introduced to answer the requirements of the industry and offer new field of applications. Attractive tablets, with pleasant taste and texture, can be formulated very easily with new directly compressible polyols such as Pearlitol Flash, SweetPearl P300 DC, Xylisorb XTAB and Neosorb XTAB. High-quality chewable, orodispersible or suckable tablets have never been so easily produced.

The Glycolys range of superdisintegrants has been produced for more than 30 years and used successfully in many tablets and capsules formulations, while the Lycatab range of binders offers a solution to wet granulation processes, whatever the granulators.

The Roquette Pharma team has a long track record of helping design pharmaceutical formulations with its in-house team of scientists who are able to investigate chemical, biotechnological microbiological, toxicological and formulation issues. Decades of close cooperation with customers have given the company a fundamental understanding of the constraints they have to operate with.

Moreover, Roquette and the Institut de la Garonne have pooled their expertise to provide a new service of compression simulation to help in your scaling-up process. All this makes Roquette your ideal innovation partner.