Sciformix, A Covance Company, constitutes the drug safety business of Covance. We provide process, technology and consulting drug safety services to clients in the life sciences industry that accelerates business, drives higher levels of performance and fosters innovation. As part of the world’s most comprehensive drug development company, we are dedicated to advancing healthcare through a Designed Around You experience and delivering Solutions Made Real.

Our differentiator is the ability to integrate scientific and technology expertise with quality driven processes to provide measurable value to our clients. With operations around the world, our exceptional subject matter expertise, domain knowledge and uncompromising focus on quality, process rigour, business agility and scalability make us an ideal partner who is dedicated to your success in delivering safe products with more efficiency and greater speed.

Our areas of specialisation include:

  • Safety & Risk Management: Our comprehensive services include medical contact centers, case processing, reporting of individual safety reports, aggregate safety reporting, signal detection and risk management, and consulting all in support of our clients’ pre-market development and post marketing activities.
  • Clinical Development: Our services include Data Management, Statistics and Programming,, Clinical Operations Support, Clinical Writing, Market and Competitive Intelligence, and Medical Information and Communication Support.
  • Regulatory Affairs: Our regulatory services support regulatory strategy for product development trials and operational processes, and our expert team helps to ensure a safe and quality product while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Real-World Evidence (RWE): RWE is being widely used to gain an understanding of disease epidemiology, patient journey, real-world use and effectiveness of treatment options, unmet patient needs and the value that products offer in sub-populations. Our RWE and late phase services include study planning, protocol development, clinical study management and reporting.
  • Technology Services: Our services can help companies access clouds of capability, deploy applications and create enterprise portals for improving business performance through operational analytics. The result is a cost-effective global model that ensures the highest standards of compliance, quality and agility for reacting to change.