SICPA's solutions guarantee a secure line of defence against counterfeiting threats throughout the supply chain, shielding companies from losses and liabilities, and safeguarding reputations and consumer trust. Technologies combine visible and invisible security features and dynamic connectivity features, that are uniquely tailored to product, business, market and customer needs.

SICPA's latest breakthrough technology, QUAZAR, offers advanced hide-and-reveal features that enable rapid authentication by medical staff, retailers and end consumers. The solution is specially designed for application on security labels for pharma packaging and is instantly recognisable.

QUAZAR is the ultimate visible security solution for pharma products, offering a range of benefits that include:

  • strong visual impact
  • being easy to authenticate and to communicate to the target audience
  • robust resistance against counterfeiting
  • proprietary technology with intellectual property protection
  • fully controlled supply chain from materials to label printing equipment
  • customisable label creation
  • versatility on a wide range of substrates and applications.

The ease of authentication makes SICPA's technology effective for use worldwide, including in remote regions. Printed labels are produced using special security inks and a specialised printing process that cannot be replicated, and is part of a fully controlled supply chain. As a flexible technology, it can be combined with other traceability features and tamper-evident technologies to provide an integrated solution for additional consumer protection.

While ensuring patient safety is QUAZAR's major advantage, pharmaceutical companies also stand to benefit from the reduction in losses from counterfeit products and from an increase in consumer trust.