Experts in the design of refrigerating packaging, Sofrigam develops temperature control packaging systems to enable its clients to:

  • control and secure the cold chain
  • reduce logistics costs
  • optimise the volumes shipped
  • respond to international regulations/norms.

The performance of refrigerating packaging depends on the insulating material and the cool packs. This is why Sofrigam’s engineering staff creates packaging solutions using highperformance polyurethane panels from a leading European producer as well as exclusive cooling packs. All the company’s solutions are tested and qualified in the metrological laboratory.

Frizbox Pallet Shipper

The Frizbox Pallet Shipper has been designed to enable pharmaceutical laboratories to transport large volumes of vaccines (several millions per year) in complete safety.

A decade after its creation, the efficiency of the Frizbox is recognised and now adopted by the world’s biggest pharmaceutical laboratories.

  • Volume: from 300 litres to more than 1,000 litres
  • Temperature range: +2°C/+8°C, +15°C/+25°C, -18°C
  • Conservation period: up to five days. The Sofribox This is a thermally insulated box with cold packs to preserve product temperature.
  • Volume: from one to 500 litres
  • Temperature range: +2°C/+8°C, +15°C/+25°C, -18°C
  • Conservation period: up to five days.


There is a range of Sofribag cooling bags for transporting heat-sensitive products.

  • Volume: from four to 35 litres
  • Temperature: +2°C/+8°C, -18°C
  • Conservation period: up to 24 hours.

Sofrigam also develops made-tomeasure solutions for transportation.