There are many technologies available for the simultaneous screening of chiralities. Contract research organisation Syncom offers an effective and competitive service dedicated to early stage drug development.

Syncom offers a unique new service that deals with virtually all chirality issues. The strategy is based on the simultaneous screening of various chiral technologies, namely resolution, biocatalysis, chemocatalysis, preferential crystallisation, chiral chromatography and chiral pool synthesis, at the early phase of development.

Asymmetric synthesis

The field of asymmetric synthesis is expanding rapidly. Nearly 90% of the drugs in development are chiral, of which 75% are single enantiomers. Within the pharmaceutical industry, process chemists must adapt these to suit their production needs in order to make chiral compounds practically and efficiently, at large scale and of high purity.

As a starting point, these chemists are frequently inspired by the existing synthetic route, which are seldom practical, efficient or economically viable. Moreover, under the pressure of development timelines the luxury of a change of synthetic strategy at this stage is not available.

It is not surprising that optimisation and scaling are becoming increasingly important in discovery and early-phase development. The major advantage of increasing effort in the early phase of development is that the chiral synthetic route is not fixed, so there is still time to investigate competitive alternative pathways. An open mind to all chiral technologies is vital, whereas asymmetric synthesis is still seen as challenging and the outcomes are often unpredictable because many APIs and intermediates are unprecedented as substrates.

Best solution

A decision has to be made as to which chiral technology available provides the best solution for now and future scale-up – and Syncom offers that service. Activities include: scouting of available technologies, highly trained specialists who know how to work with chirality, evaluation of all current methods to attain single enantiomers including access to the latest in enzyme technology applied to chiral synthesis, the newest developments in chemocatalysis as well as intimate knowledge of the most recent developments in the time-tested technique of Pasteur’s resolution. Syncom’s areas of expertise include:


  • Technology and set-up
  • Extensive enzyme platforms


  • Monophos technology and set-up
  • Urea-phos/metamorphosis technology
  • Commercial ligands/catalysts
  • Organocatalysts


  • Classical and Dutch resolution

Preferential crystallisation

  • Conglomerate

Chiral chromatography

  • Broad analytical and preparative experience

Chiral pool

  • 20 years’ synthetic experience

The strategy of simultaneous screening of chiral technologies in early stage development has proven to be effective and competitive. Through the unique combination offered by Syncom, all chirality issues are tackled within a few weeks.

These screenings will run in parallel with synthesis, optimisation and production up to kilogramme scale, saving valuable time and money. Syncom’s open attitude towards, and familiarity with, all chiral technologies have proven time and again to be effective and competitive.

Company profile

Syncom is a contract research company specialising in all aspects of organic synthesis. It focuses on synthetic chemistry support for mainly medicinal chemistry and chemical development groups.