Headquartered at Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI) started life as a project uniting outstanding experts from the scientific community, patient organisations and the investment company Dioscorides Global Holdings. As a recognised centre of excellence, it cooperates with Charles University, the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Masaryk University and Mendel University in Brno, Hebrew University in Jerusalem and many other institutions around the world.

Understand the possibilities

ICCI’s primary mission is to research the various uses of medical cannabis and it has all the right preconditions for doing so. The team of specialists is comprised of physicians and healthcare experts, as well as industry leaders that have direct experience with scientific teams from the UN, and government bodies and organisations. All of this is supported by strong liaisons with patient organisations. This combination of experience and relationships, along with a thorough understanding of various methods of treatment with cannabis and cannabinoids, provides ICCI with the unique know-how to effectively react to the rapid changes in legislative processes in individual nations.

ICCI offers a unique opportunity for everyone wanting to fully understand and take advantage of the opportunities that medical cannabis has to offer.

ICCI offers deep understanding of the possibilities of medical cannabis for the needs of patients, particularly those that modern medical science may have failed to serve. Its efforts with cannabis-based medicines are founded on the needs of the patient and the requirements of the examining physician. Its educational efforts provide the foundation needed for disseminating essential knowledge to all stakeholders in this dynamic area of medical science and law.

ICCI offers a unique opportunity for everyone wanting to fully understand and take advantage of the opportunities that medical cannabis can offer. It is a modern hub that brings order to the disruptive technology that medical cannabis represents, and gives it meaning that is salient and relevant. The expertise of professionals from ICCI, and the consultative services that they provide, are designed and appropriate for investors, physicians and pharmaceutical companies alike. Its advantage lies in the comprehensiveness of its team and its activity. The institute offers client partners not only the specific experiences of medical cannabis patients, but also those of the doctors who prescribe it. This experience also benefits hospital managers searching for a path towards efficient and effective treatment.

ICCI also benefits government bodies and organisations working on legislative processes in their respective countries that aim to make medical cannabis accessible to the public.

Of benefit to all

ICCI is the biggest private investment into medical research within the Czech Republic. According to its cooperating professor, Lubomír Hanuš from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the potential of medical cannabis is enormous. "We know that marijuana has tetrahydrocannabinol – a cannabidiol – but people don’t realise that various strains of cannabis may provide different effects," he explains. This is indicative of the fact that cannabis can produce anticarcinogenic substances. Through its research, ICCI aids in the full understanding of this complex plant, and seeks to prepare much needed medicines that will be of huge benefit to patients.

Through its knowledge of law and healthcare systems, ICCI enables stakeholders to speed up the legislative process by months – even years – and their synchronisation with the needs of medical science.

The institute thus removes all possible barriers preventing the development of research on the possibilities of medical cannabis and its exploitation. Cooperation with the ICCI enables everyone with an interest in researching medical cannabis to gain the expert knowledge and facilities of a top international team, patient experiences and the organisational background of a strong scientific institution.

ICCI is a unique place for those who see the future of medical science in the area of biomedicine and are searching for a platform for investment, sharing, development or education in this area. Thus, in Prague, the green light shines for everyone wanting to quickly forge a pathway to the future.