Bringing medicine to patients requires science, technology, and world-class expertise. It also requires a strategic partnership—bonded by key elements such as trust, communication, and collaboration.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we serve the pharmaceutical, biotech, and life sciences industries as a strategic contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) and clinical services partner. We believe that strategic partnerships fuel success, and we embed the elements of partnership into every operation, interaction, and step across your unique drug development journey. Through these elements, we can navigate everything from complex supply chain issues and compressed timelines to evolving regulations and a global pandemic. We know your challenges and have developed solutions you can trust to help bring your treatment to market faster.

Take advantage of our expertise in drug development with an unparalleled global network of sites; scientific, technical, and regulatory experts; a comprehensive range of tailored solutions; and flexible business models customized to meet your unique needs. Our integrated solutions include powerful digital platforms for timely visibility and collaboration, streamlined project management and partner communication, and our commitment to full project and process transparency at every step of your drug development journey.

Clinical Trial Services

Our end-to-end global clinical supply chain services, formerly Fisher Clinical Services, are powered by people with an unwavering dedication to serving clinical research and patients around the world. Whether your investigational medicinal product (IMP) is a traditional small molecule, biologic, or advanced therapy, our more than 30 years of clinical trial services experience can provide support and expertise across your supply chain.

Strategic comparator and co-medication sourcing

We support clinical trials with an integrated supply chain and dependable global sourcing strategies. Complete with full packaging and distribution services, documentation support, and the highest product quality available, we strive to mitigate risk across the supply chain. Our Comparator Center of Excellence in Basel, Switzerland, includes dedicated teams in the United Kingdom, the United States, and strategic locations throughout Asia.

Clinical ancillary supplies and sourcing management

Sourcing clinical trial ancillary supplies is more than just procurement. It requires an understanding of the study’s design and requirements, knowledge of international regulations, and rigorous planning to ensure the appropriate equipment and materials are provided at the right time and at a competitive price. Our clinical ancillary management team has a unique blend of clinical supply expertise and unparalleled access to Thermo Fisher’s vast array of laboratory and clinical products.

Clinical storage, distribution, and logistics management

Our 27 purpose-built GMP/GDP compliant global facilities support the regulatory compliance, management, and delivery of supplies to over 150 countries across all therapeutic indications. Our logistics experts handle the storage and distribution of labeled or packaged ambient and cold chain clinical trial materials, investigational medicinal products, comparator medicinal products and placebos, import/export services (including Importer of Record [IOR] capability) and returns and destruction of supplies across our network.

Advanced therapeutics specialty distribution and logistics

With 35+ years’ experience in ultra cold chain management and logistics solutions we expertly safeguard the integrity of your advanced therapeutics and biological materials from storage to shipment, and everything in between. Our comprehensive, end-to-end cold chain management solutions can support your advanced clinical trial at every stage, from clinical to commercial.

Global clinical packaging services

Thermo Fisher’s fully owned cGMP facilities support ambient, refrigerated, and frozen packaging capabilities, and are strategically located around the globe to accommodate regional needs. An integrated IT system links the facilities to give clients control over inventory via bar code standards. Providing primary and secondary packaging, and pre-filled syringe assembly solutions

Clinical labeling services

Clinical trial label production requires a higher level of oversight and management than a commercial labeling operation to protect the integrity of blind, as well as meet stringent regulatory controls. Our advanced inspection software, full in-house print capabilities, translation and regulatory approval management process, and centralized web-based document management/routing platform, are specifically designed to reduce overall label cycle times.