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The Garlock family of companies, acknowledged global leader in high-performance fluid sealing solutions, supplies a broad range of products to meet the specific challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, including seals, gaskets, pump diaphragms and more. Garlock works with operations staff, maintenance staff and process engineers to develop sealing solutions in static and dynamic pharmaceutical applications, including hygienic pipework, blenders and mixers, fluid bed dryers, valves and pumps.

In today's pharmaceutical industry, cleanliness, traceability and adherence to FDA/USP requirements are essential for risk management. Garlock's manufacturing and supply chain practices can be trusted to deliver reliable and compliant solutions. Garlock sealing solutions are engineered to prevent the major causes of valve and seal failure and process contamination through excellent chemical resistance, long service life and performance that guarantees the integrity and consistency of the product.


GYLON BIO-PRO gaskets are a reliable, high-performance solution for all TRI-CLAMP connections. Pre-formed and stress controlled, GYLON BIO-PRO gaskets are 100% PTFE, and therefore exhibit no extrusion or cold flow, and are excellent for virtually all process temperatures and chemicals. They meet EN 1935 / 2004, USP Class VI and are FDA-compliant and KTW approved.


Manufactured from our proprietary GYLON Style 3522 modified PTFE, the GYLON BIO-PRO PLUS gasket delivers the ultimate in compliance, chemical compatibility, sealability, creep and cold flow performance. It also features a low energy surface to reduce process material adhesion and a colorless, translucent appearance to ease visual inspection. The GYLON BIO-PRO PLUS is 100% PTFE, and is ideal for product contact applications and is a top performer in both CIP and SIP cycle life, regardless of cleaning media or sterilization procedure. Garlock provides full traceability and compliance with all industry standards.

GYLON® PTFE and ONE-UP® Pump Diaphragms

GYLON PTFE Diaphragm material is a time proven product made with proprietary processes that ensure quality and uniformity. These diaphragms, made of Garlock's exclusive GYLON Style 3522 diaphragm material, offer the longest cycle life in the industry, and outperform all competitive materials. GYLON PTFE diaphragms can be used in all diaphragm pump types, and provide the highest performance, lowest permeability, lowest creep and longest flex life.

For years, the ONE-UP Pump Diaphragm has been the choice for the most demanding industrial applications. This durable diaphragm features an EPDM rubber backing, making it appropriate for the most mission-critical sanitary applications. It is so durable and reliable that Garlock offers a money back guarantee on initial orders if you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the diaphragm.

The GYLON ONE-UP Diaphragm is available for most major pump brands and models, including those made by ALMATEC, ARO, DEPA, BLAGDON, FLOTRONICS, GRACO, UNITEC, VERDER, VERSAMATIC, WARREN RUPP, WILDEN AND YAMADA.

Seals and Bearing Isolators for Rotating Shafts

Garlock manufactures a wide range of sealing solutions for pumps, compressors and other rotational shaft equipment. The PS-SEAL product line delivers reliable sealing of rotating shafts at high circumferential speed in environments characterized by high pressure, extreme temperatures and abrasive or aggressive media. Radial shaft seals are usually not reliable under these conditions because their seal lips are made of elastomeric materials.

The PS-SEAL, however, features a sealing lip made of GYLON or other modified PTFEs. If your application demands a shaft seal different from the PS-SEAL standard version, Garlock will manufacture a shaft seal appropriate to your needs. On the standard PS-SEAL, the lip material and its configuration - and the case - can be adjusted to meet a spectrum of needs within the technical limitations. Non-standard versions are also available that will allow for adjustments to the shaft diameter and width, or to include options like single- and multiple-lip assemblies and various housing materials.

For a non-contact seal in rotational applications, Garlock offers Klozure Bearing Isolators, which feature a labyrinth design to prevent ingress of contaminants. For high duty cycles and continuous operation, Klozure brand bearing isolators eliminate contacting parts, reducing friction, wear, downtime and preventative maintenance.

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Garlock sealing solutions help ensure process material integrity in a wide range of pharmaceutical processing applications.
The GYLON® BIO-PRO PLUS™ sanitary gasket features a low-energy surface to reduce adhesions and a colourless/translucent appearance to ease visual inspection.
Garlock’s GYLON® PTFE pump diaphragms are designed for long cycle life. The ONE-UP® Pump Diaphragm renders Garlock’s industrial-strength design in 100% PTFE for guaranteed performance.
The Garlock PS-SEAL is a radial shaft seal that performs in demanding environments where other seals fail.
Klozure® Bearing Isolators provide a non-wearing, non-contact seal for rotational applications.
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