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With its pioneering ventures, and understanding of the chemical assembly and unique properties of new peptides, Peptisyntha explains why it is at the leading edge of the latest innovation and developments in peptide manufacturing.

Peptisyntha, with 25 years in peptide manufacturing, masters all technologies for peptide synthesis, which include solid phase, solution phase and the hybrid approach solid-solution phase peptide synthesis. Besides its long-standing expertise in the development and production of classical peptides, Peptisyntha has developed a wide range of proprietary technologies, which differentiate Peptisyntha from its competitors.

This can be well exemplified with the example of silylation technology which uses non-protected amino acids (or non-protected peptide fragment) in peptide synthesis by solution phase. The free amino acid is temporarily protected by silylation and used in the coupling reaction. Following the coupling reaction, the silyl groups are readily cleaved during work up and easily removed from the desired product.

Silylation is a very powerful tool for cost-effective peptide synthesis with the following benefits:

  • significant reduction in the number of chemical steps: the protection and de-protection steps are eliminated with silylation technology
  • reducing raw materials costs: the costs for free (non-protected) amino acids are less than protected amino acids
  • reducing racemisation: once silylated, the amine function is chemically hindered and proton abstraction can be avoided. Besides this, silylation increases nucleophilicity, resulting in shorter reaction time.

New applications

The company strives to focus on continuous innovation and to explore new market opportunities. Based on its rich expertise and technical know-how in peptide synthesis, the company is working on ongoing projects based on advanced peptide biomaterials using peptide self-assembling properties.

Peptisyntha has recently filed new patents for cell culture media based on self-assembling peptides. The material comprises a self-assembling peptide sequence (manufactured in house), coupled to a second part assuring cell adhesion and, finally, a third part which enables the removal of cells from the culture media at the end of the process. This new product line is likely to find applications in:

  • vaccine production
  • early toxicology tests, reducing the use of animals and allowing a high throughput
  • cell therapy
  • tissue engineering, regeneration and skin replacement.

Increasing the bioavailability of drugs is one of the key challenges in drug delivery. Hence, Peptisyntha has taken a step forward towards entering this business sector with the aim of improving the bioavailability of injectable drugs. The company strives to develop a peptide conjugate which would enable a variety of release kinetics, depending on the challenges related to each drug and therapeutic indication.

In order to bolster these new business segments, the company is engaging in several collaborations and partnerships with experts in the respective fields to complement its know-how in the field of cell-culture and drug delivery.

Market acceptance

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are constantly on the lookout to reduce product costs, without compromising on quality. Peptisyntha has developed several proprietary technologies to provide cGMP-compliant products and services to its customers at competitive prices. These technologies are easy to implement and can find applications in synthesis of all therapeutic peptide APIs. They do not require any special equipment or investment. Peptisyntha is among the very few companies capable of producing peptides in the order of hundreds of kilograms for commercial use.

Therefore, the existing technologies and those in the development process are bound to have immense potential and market acceptance, setting up new standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

Peptisyntha has worldwide customer service and support to ensure immediate assistance whenever required. The company has also implemented very efficient customer project management, ensuring smooth communication.

Peptisyntha is among the very few suppliers that can provide high-quality cGMP-compliant therapeutic peptide products and services at competitive prices to customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Thus, the versatile and innovative technology portfolio has enabled Peptisyntha to implement various synthesis processes customised to suit the needs of specific customers. Continued research into potentially cost-effective and novel applications of the technologies for peptide production is indicative of Peptisyntha's ever-expanding competencies.

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