In Travagliato, in the province of Brescia, Antares Vision inaugurated its headquarters with a series of events scheduled from Tuesday the 20th to Sunday the 25th of October 2015.

The leading international company for tracking solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, in addition to being the standard-setting manufacturer of inspection machines and systems based on cameras, hereby declares, also visibly, the entity of its growth. In comparison to its previous headquarters in Castel Mella (BS), the space has more than tripled.

The exterior facades have been processed using a particular type of glass with translucent surface having the property to diffuse sunlight, and at the same time protect from the heat. "The choice," said Alessandra Napoleoni – designer in charge of external and stylistic choices of the building – "is based on the concepts of transparency, brightness, versatility and functionality, which result in the large spaces, the very broad use of glass and the inclusion of many extra rooms for meetings or simply for breaks."

The minimalist aesthetics, the order, the transparency provided by the indoor glass walls, the quality of the LED lights and the silence are in keeping with the very core of Antares technology, vision, and its target sector, the pharmaceutical industry.

The meeting rooms, dedicated to great names in the technical-scientific world and situated in the inner area of the first and second floors, surrounded by offices, are based on one of the driving principles of Antares innovation, namely the continuous exchange of information between operators, departments and ideas. The decision to promote internal communication and interpersonal relations is protected and enhanced by removing sound waves, by employing sound-proofing materials.

"The management of the spaces and the transparency of the rooms contribute to the exchange and promotion of relations among co-workers", explains Fabrizio Bonardi, communications manager at Antares Vision. "Seeing each other clearly allows us to communicate quickly and effectively, in addition to feeling like we are part of a relationship, rather than closed in a schematic role".

The Antares Center of Excellence situated in the separate building in front of the headquarters, is where study, instruction and training activities are held, for both Antares staff, as well as the users of its systems, thanks to the installation of demo lines.

"The creation of the centre of excellence represents a key step in the company’s expansion", Fabrizio Bonardi explains again. "From suppliers of products and solutions we have become complete partners, able to offer a broad range of services and skills".

The main building, dedicated to offices, is built on three storeys for an overall area of 2700m2. On the ground floor we have the Planning and Purchasing departments, on the first floor we have the Technical offices and the Research and development area, on the last floor we have the Board Management and Marketing area. The adjacent production department occupies, along with the warehouse and storage area, a further 1800 square metres. Lastly, the second building, the Antares Center of Excellence, covers an area of more than 600m2.

"In addition to the approximately 150 workstations, already assigned, there are an additional 20, based on foreseeable company growth and its young, future-oriented identity", declares Paola Ravelli, interior designer at GTM General Contractor, who followed the entire project along with architect Giovanni Guarienti, the project manager.