The Austrian specialist for analytical instruments and measuring equipment Anton Paar is calling for applications for the 2nd Anton Paar Research Award for Instrumental Analytics and Characterization. "We are looking forward to receiving submissions on new methods and/or applications of instrumental chemical analysis or physical characterisation of materials not older than two years," says Gerhard Murer, Lead Scientist at Anton Paar. Additionally, the proposals should show a high probability of enabling new scientific or industrial products and/or applications.

Open to everyone

The application is open to anyone interested in chemical analysis or physical characterisation. The focus should be on new methods and applications. Projects that are not published may also be submitted, provided the criteria are met. The deadline for entries is 30 September 2019.

Award of €20,000

The Anton Paar Research Award includes a prize of €20,000 funded by Anton Paar. The winners will be selected by a jury consisting of representatives from renowned Austrian universities and Anton Paar. All entries will be judged based on the potential for application as a product or method, and the impact on the development of new or improved measuring technologies. The prize will be awarded in the beginning of 2020.

Research Award 2018

The Anton Paar Research Award 2018 was divided between two outstanding applications. Robin Ras and Zhou Quan from Aalto University in Finland convinced the jury with their project for the spatially resolved measurement of the wettability of hydrophobic surfaces using a drop of water as a probe. Johannes Waclawek and Bernhard Lendl from the Vienna University of Technology were awarded for a high-resolution gas sensor with laser detection. 69 teams from 19 countries applied for Anton Paar’s research prize 2018.

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