XPR microbalances and ultra-microbalances from METTLER TOLEDO deliver unmatched accuracy in the micro-weighing range. They are also designed to be easy to use in safety enclosures, which is very important when weighing small amounts of highly active substances.

The XPR microbalance line includes features that make it simple to operate in these compact spaces. Innovations include Active Temperature Control, which helps ensure that results remain valid across a workday. Additionally, a two-terminal concept helps with screen visibility when working in fume hoods or other protective environments.

The display includes a modern touchscreen and user interface to help operators easily create and store methods to promote both error-reduction and speed. Fully secure tolerance profiles ensure traceable results.

GWP® Approved actively monitors the balance status to offer reassurance that results are accurate and reproducible. This assurance is particularly helpful when weighing at low minimum weights with tight tolerances.

The ability to transfer data via in-built software also saves time and eliminates transcription error, further enhancing ongoing analytical accuracy and compliance. An easily removable draft shield makes the balance easy to clean to reduce cross-contamination risk.

See more about why safe-operating XPR microbalances and ultra-microbalances are the right choice when weighing toxic or hazardous substances. Visit the product page.