Eppendorf is proud to announce a new addition to the BioBLU single-use vessel adaptor kit portfolio. The BioBLU 5c and 14c adaptor kits allow BioBLU 5c and 14c single-use vessels to be used on and controlled by Sartorius® BioStat® B-DCU-II controllers (heat blanket configuration only).

The BioBLU adaptor kit portfolio continues to provide an unparalleled level of flexibility for users looking to maximize existing processes while employing all the benefits of single-use technology. BioBLU 5c and 14c single-use vessel adaptor kits are available for Applikon®, Sartorius, and the Eppendorf line of New Brunswick™ autoclavable cell culture systems.

To learn more: http://newbrunswick.eppendorf.com and newbrunswick@eppendorf.com