Mollet del Vallès (Spain), August 2023: At SupplySide West 2023, visitors can explore Euromed’s full range of organic-certified Earth Harmony Organic Extracts® and Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts™. Along with its award-winning Wellemon® lemon extract, the botanical ingredients manufacturer will feature its extensively researched Pomanox® pomegranate extract, as well as innovative new products like Spisar® spinach extract and Prunera® pygeum africanum bark extract. Its GRAS-certified ingredients ABAlife® and Mediteanox® from fig and olive fruits complement Euromed’s range of high-purity botanical extracts for the US food and beverage industries.

In an aging society, active and healthy lifestyles are increasingly coming to the fore. That’s why Euromed has developed its Earth Harmony Organic Extracts® and Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts™ lines to support healthy aging and wellbeing.

Featured prominently at SupplySide West will be award-winning Wellemon®: a human pharmacokinetic study investigating the lemon extract has received the “Best Paper Award 2023” from the peer reviewed journal “Antioxidants”. This extract, standardized to eriocitrin, shows higher bioavailability compared to similar compounds, thanks to eriocitrin’s superior water-solubility, further enhanced by Euromed’s innovative Pure-Hydro Process®. Among citrus species, lemons have the highest content of eriocitrin, which is known for its antioxidant and healthy aging properties.

Euromed’s product Prunera® is a pygeum africanum bark extract with phytosterols that are known to have anti-inflammatory effects in the prostate. With promising results in counteracting some of the prostate issues that may occur with aging, Prunera® is ideally suited for male health formulations.

In addition, the company will present Pomanox® pomegranate extract, which is backed by over 15 years of R&D and many recently published and ongoing studies relating to beauty from within, eye health and weight management.

Visitors to SupplySide West will learn more in the lecture “From Farm to Function: Mediterranean Botanical Extracts for Active Nutrition”, presented by Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communication and Medical Affairs at Euromed (October 26th, 12:00-12:20, Supplier Presentation Theater Booth #3677). Inspired by the time-honored and science-backed Mediterranean Diet, this presentation explores evidence-based botanical extracts including olive, pomegranate, artichoke, fig and spinach. Focusing on healthy aging and sports nutrition, it delves into the science, safety and suitability of these extracts for integration into foods, beverages and food supplements. The findings offer novel insights and practical applications, combining traditional wisdom with modern nutritional strategies for wellbeing and performance.