The Faubel Group now operates under a new name following its takeover by CCL Industries Inc.

Melsungen, February 08, 2024

Since August 2023, CCL Industries Inc. has held all shares in the Faubel Group, which officially changed its name to CCL Faubel at the beginning of 2024. With this acquisition, CCL, the world's largest label manufacturer, is expanding its organizational and operational capabilities in the healthcare sector to the European market. CCL Faubel's headquarters shall remain in Melsungen.

At a strategy meeting in Melsungen, Lee Pretsell (right), Group Vice President of Healthcare and Specialty Worldwide at CCL Label, met with the CCL Faubel management team, Frank Jäger, Frank Ludwig and Martin Kuge (from left to right).

CCL Industries Inc. employs over 25,000 people at 204 production sites in 43 countries. In 2022, the listed Group generated a total of 6.4 billion Canadian dollars, which equates to approximately 4.4 billion euros. CCL Faubel Managing Director Frank Jäger emphasized that "although CCL Faubel only makes up a small part of the Group as an individual company, our special knowledge is unique. As long as we can maintain this advantage, I can expect sustainable growth for CCL Faubel".