The supergenerics market has developed in the current pharmaceutical world due to the desire for higher performing APIs coupled with the less stringent and time consuming reformulation (in terms of regulatory approval) required in re-innovating established drugs.

More than 60% of all medical drugs used worldwide show a poor solubility (BCS class II or IV, or the combination of both). These molecules are often difficult to formulate using conventional approaches and are associated with innumerable formulation-related performance issues, including; poor bioavailability; lack of dose proportionality; slow onset of action and other attributes leading to poor patient compliance.

The use of nanotechnology can overcome and improve on a lot of these functionalities for both oral and parenteral delivery. This includes:

  • increasing the bioavailability of the API – and possibly reducing dosage due to increased drug potency
  • faster onset of action by increasing dissolution rate
  • potential to switch from immediate release formulations to modified release formulations
  • elimination of toxic solvents.

This webinar will discuss the "bottom-up" approach seen as the "next generation" approach in comparison to the "top-down" approach. Key advantages of the "bottom up" approach are:

  • no thermical and no mechanical stress
  • broad variety of substance classes
  • identical hardware for lab, pilot production and full market production (no scale up)
  • no limits in capacity.

Please join this webinar to learn about the benefits and science related using nanoparticles, and developing higher performance APIs within your portfolio.