Chris Muenzer, Vice President of Innovation and Development at Haselmeier, explained: “It was important for us to offer a product that both met the needs of our pharmaceutical customers, and also of their patients. With this in mind, we focused on three key aspects during the development of PiccoJect™: consistent and repeatable performance, patient-centric design and a commitment to sustainability.”

PiccoJect™ is specifically designed to have a significantly reduced part count of only 8 components. This improved device design reduces manufacturing and scale up challenges that can impact performance. The autoinjector platform is fully customizable based on customer needs including support for different fill volumes and drug viscosities, color options for the cap and an adjustable size of the drug window. “In addition, the design of PiccoJect™ includes a number of connectivity options that are either integrated or provided as an add-on module, without modifying the core mechanism or compromising handling.”, Chris adds.

The PiccoJect™ design features an ergonomic shape and a large wrap-around drug window which provides a simple and consistent user experience. This was confirmed in a recent study in which 83% of the participants rated the visibility of the PiccoJect™ drug window as superior and 75% reported that they preferred the wide cross-section of PiccoJect™. A colored status indicator provides an easy-to-understand binary information about the usage status of the autoinjector. Audible clicks at the start and end of injection also help to ensure that the user holds the device in place until the full dose has been injected.

Reflecting its commitment to sustainability, medmix has designed PiccoJect™ based on the eco design principles, taking a conscious view to reduce its carbon footprint including utilizing materials with sustainable feedstocks, investment in green electricity, and development of regional supply chains for the US and Europe market. “From the start of the project, sustainability has been a focus of our development. Reduction of the carbon footprint has been a key design goal for the entire team” explained Chris.

“With PiccoJect™, Haselmeier are committed to offering a full-service platform to its customers. This includes combination product development, design verification, final assembly, secondary packaging, labeling and serialization. This allows pharma companies, particularly small to medium companies with limited device experience, to receive a ready to file device, including necessary supporting documentation.” Chris explained further.

PiccoJect™ is designed for patients and non-professional care givers to administer an injection in a home setting and can also be used by nurses and other health care professionals in the clinic. The device is applicable for the use in any drug product that is packaged in a prefilled syringe. This includes novel biologics for indications such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, genetic disorders, and some viral diseases such as hepatitis. In addition, the use in biosimilars of existing drugs like adalimumab and etanercept is also a focus.

Both variants of the PiccoJect™ support small round or cut flange syringes. The autoinjector platform supports fill volumes from 0.2 ml to 2 ml and is designed to inject formulations with a viscosity up to 20 cP in less than 15 seconds.

Facts and figures about PiccoJect™:

  • Low part count of only eight components
  • Patient-centric design with an ergonomic shape and a large wrap-around drug window
  • A full-service platform with consistent and repeatable performance
  • Disposable two-step autoinjector for subcutaneous injection
  • Developed for a standard 1 ml long or 2.25 ml pre-filled glass or plastic syringes
  • Fill volumes from 0.2 ml to 2.0 ml
  • Viscosity up to 20 cP

Figure 1: PiccoJect™ autoinjector 1.0 ml and 2.25 ml.


Figure 1: The dimensions of PiccoJect™ autoinjector 1.0 ml and 2.25 ml.

Figure 2: The PiccoJect™ features details. Left – the cap must be removed before use. Right – audible clicks at the start and end of each injection, as well as visual feedback, help to ensure the user holds the device in place until the full dose has been injected.


Figure 3: PiccoJect™ is easy to customize.



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