Following its CPhI Europe banner headline "Enlighten your formulation", Omya has shown how its calcium carbonates can be used to develop tailor-made products in response to specific consumer or patient needs in a variety of pharmaceutical forms. The company presented Omyapharm®, a multifunctional excipient platform based on functionalized calcium carbonate, as well as the APIs Omyapure® and Omya-Cal® – natural calcium carbonates for dietary supplements, antacids and osteoporosis treatment. At its booth, CPhI visitors were able to see bone health formulas in ODTs with fast disintegration properties, as well as antacid formulas in orange-flavored chewable tablets and mint-flavored liquid suspensions.

Targeting people with heartburn, Omya showcased antacid formulations containing Omyapure®, an API-certified, high purity natural calcium carbonate with 40 percent bioavailable calcium. These properties make Omyapure® a valuable ingredient for nutra- and pharmaceutical applications such as supplementation and antacid formulations.

In light of the world’s increasingly ageing population, the company has also developed a supplementation concept for bone health. The resulting formulation contains Omya’s proprietary calcium carbonates – Omyapharm® (as the excipient) and Omyapure® (the active ingredient) – as well as vitamins K2 and D3 from its distribution portfolio to improve calcium absorption. Supplements based on this formulation contribute, together with a balanced diet, to reaching the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of calcium as specified in the EU.

Omyapharm® is suitable for numerous applications, including solid oral dosage forms such as conventional tablets and capsules, microencapsulated products and fast disintegrating formulations such as orally dispersible tablets (ODTs) and granules (ODGs). ODTs manufactured from this excipient disintegrate in less than ten seconds. Its high porosity and specific surface properties enable fast disintegration and excellent compactibility that results in harder tablets at low compression forces. Tablets formulated with Omyapharm® can be filled in conventional packaging because of their mechanical strength, thus reducing costs and potential difficulties during the conditioning process.