Around 16.8 million people suffer from diabetes in Brazil, making it the fifth largest country in the world after China, India, United States of America and Pakistan in this regard. 2

“We are convinced that the launch of Lifepen® will help provide improved health and more quality of life to patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Providing a state-of-the-art pen injector with high ergonomics and reliability is extremely important to ensure high patient compliance, which translates into the effectiveness of treatment of diabetes. Due to its dynamic increase, diabetes is already called the epidemic of the 21st century. With the addition of Lifepen® we strengthen our existing product portfolio even more,” said Paulo Vidigal, Head of Business Development at BIOMM.

“The collaboration with BIOMM starting from the registration to the filing followed by the approval from ANVISA in just over a year is an incredible achievement for both companies. We are glad that our reusable pen injector Advapen® is being launched in the Brazilian market where high unmet medical needs when it comes to diabetes are being addressed,” added Aurélie Oudet-Thebaud, Sales Director International Markets at Nemera.

Advapen® is part of Nemera’s PenDURA AD® pen platform.
“This product platform offers ergonomic and market-proven spring assisted reusable pen injectors that are fully customizable, require low force of injection and are equipped for automatic delivery of medication thus ensuring constant dosing rate”, said Dr. Radoslaw Romanzcuk, Pen Platform Business Development Director at Nemera.

At Nemera, we design and manufacture devices that maximize treatment efficacy and partner with our customers in the best possible way to ultimately bring high-quality and safe treatment solutions to patients. Our partnership with BIOMM further strengthens our commitment to bringing superior value to customers and patients.

Biomm's mission is to develop, produce and market global competitive biomedicines with quality and accessibility. The company's focus is developing biological products, aiming to guarantee national self-sufficiency. Due to its innovator DNA, the company is pioneer in biotechnological drugs in Brazil. Founded in 2002, Biomm’s headquarters and factory are in Nova Lima (MG)., with capacity to produce 20 million vials and cartidges of insulin per year, based on advanced and innovative technologies that guarantee the medicines quality. The company is listed on the Brazilian stock exchange (BVMF: BIOM3). For further information access

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