During the recipe-formulation phase of product development in industries such as food or cosmetics, scientists work with an ingredients list. Components are checked off
one by one as they are weighed into the mixture. Though effective, transcribing the results can become a bottleneck on busy days. This process is also prone to error.The formulation application on Mettler-Toledo MS-TS, ML-T or ME-T balances provides a data-traceability solution and makes recipe formulation more efficient.

Connectivity via integrated Ethernet, RS232 and USB (type A and type B) interfaces allows a P-50 printer and commercially available barcode scanner of your choice to be connected to the balance at the same time. Moreover, you can export the data to a PC or FTP Server as PDF or XML file The user-friendly interface accessed via a large color touchscreen is intuitive and provides step-by-step guidance. Intermediate results can be viewed at any time, rendering a hand-held list obsolete.

Barcode data such as ingredient ID can be fed directly into the application workflow. The net weight of components as well as the net and gross weight of the final mixture is automatically recorded. Results are printed in a clear, concise format and can be stuck into a laboratory notebook for future reference, creating traceability. MS-TS balances also offer graphic representations such as bar and pie charts for quick review of recipe composition.

These features can help make recipe formulation more efficient and lend assurance that a recipe has been followed to the letter. Learn more by downloading our free application note "Efficient and Traceable Recipe Formulation" today.