Temperature monitoring solutions experts TSS are expanding their US operations, with Evan Hahn to be the new VP North America. Evan brings a wealth of knowledge of the pharmaceutical clinical trial space, supporting the TSS launch of its new offering in this category.

TSS, a leader of cloud temperature monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, recently appointed of Evan Hahn as VP of North America to lead expansion in the strategic US life sciences market.

Evan brings extensive expertise and over 20 years of experience applying innovative approaches to life sciences through a combination of technology and sophisticated applications of data, driving insights and efficiency in clinical development.
Before joining TSS, Evan led the growth of Medidata’s Randomization and Trial Supply software solution (RTSM) from product startup to an industry leader. At Cytel, he promoted the adoption of adaptive trial designs and drug supply forecasting. Across both organizations, he met with 100s of supply chain leaders globally, gaining broad insights into the challenges they face, receiving feedback from large pharma, startup biotechs, CROs, and regulatory agencies such as the FDA and NCI on biopharma supply challenges.

Evan explains the reason for his move to TSS: “Temperature monitoring plays a vital role in the drugs delivery cycle – and TSS is at the cutting edge of ensuring the delivery of safe and sustainable therapies to patients. I’m passionately committed to bringing innovative approaches to developing and delivering treatments and see tremendous opportunities to harness supply chain data into actionable insights – opportunities that are currently under-realized within biopharma.”

TSS’s technology-agnostic cloud platform is a ‘best in class’ solution that enables companies to transform their supply chain, by allowing for the ingestion and aggregation of data from disparate sources across that chain, providing end-to-end visibility and enabling direct to patient clinical trials while ensuring patient safety. Through advanced analytics and visualization of data we let users proactively address issues before they occur. With its Clinical Module, TSS is uniquely positioned to automate manual temperature excursion handling processes, and as such reduce burden for clinical sites and sponsor companies, while contributing to corporate sustainability goals.

For further information please contact Matias Rodriguez, Head of Marketing at TSS. Matias.rodriguez@tss.se