Haselmeier announces the launch by Merck of their GONAL-f® 2.0 prefilled pen following approval by EMA, the European Medicines Agency.

Originally launched in 2011 by Merck, a leading science and technology company, the new pen version includes enhancements to further improve the device and bring an increased level of confidence to patients during use.

Its enhanced design has made the new GONAL-f® prefilled pen easier to handle with a larger display window that improves the readability of the dosage information. Together with a graduated scale on a transparent cartridge, these new features provide increased clarity for the patient, reassuring them that the correct preset dose has been administered. These enhanced qualities add to the strong original key features of the prefilled pen: dosing accuracy and the ability to improve treatment outcomes by enabling individualized dosing.

Klaus Schmid, key account manager at Haselmeier comments: "We see this as an important next step in the future partnership with Merck to bring technology and life cycle management evolution to the existing portfolio of Merck devices."
And Stefan Gaul, Strategic Product Manager at Haselmeier adds: "We are happy about the opportunity to support Merck with the development of the next generation of GONAL-f® pen design. We are convinced that this new pen will be appreciated by patients, due to its simple and convenient use as well as its sophisticated design."

The GONAL-f® 2.0 prefilled pen is based on Haselmeier’s Axis-D pen platform, a disposable multi-use pen with adjustable dosing. Its design is based on an innovative technology featuring a dose window which allows easy dose reading of the adjusted dose and minimizes the risk of incorrect dosing.