New Multi-Stage Roots Pumps ACP 90
New Multi-Stage Roots Pumps ACP 90

  • Oil- and particle free applications
  • Resistant to applications with light corrosive gases
  • Large pumping of condensable gases

Asslar, Germany, July 12, 2022. Pfeiffer Vacuum, one of the world’s leading suppliers of vacuum technology, introduces new multi-stage Roots pumps ACP 90, which are designed for oil- and particle free applications in the pressure range between atmosphere up to 3×10-2 hPa. These vacuum pumps meet the requirements where clean and dry vacuum is needed like drying, sterilization, coating as well as semiconductor and R&D applications.

With their unique design, these pumps are robust and can withstand frequent pump downs. Highly valuable materials render the pumps more resistant to light corrosive gases. ACP 90 is ideal when pumping large amount of condensable gases like in drying applications, high humidity environments or large insulating volume pumping.

As Jean-Philippe Briton, Product Manager at Pfeiffer Vacuum, explains, “We are particularly proud of the built-in intelligence that allows for high pumping speed at high pressure, which is important when pumping large volumes. With a very low power consumption of 2 kw at atmospheric pressure the ACP 90 is also an energy efficient solution for this type of use.”

In addition, the pump also fulfills CE and UL/CSA standards.

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