The medical device company Sensile Medical, based in the Swiss Canton of Solothurn, has won the Swiss Technology Award in the category of "Innovation Leader". The company develops and produces high-tech micropumps used to dose and deliver liquid medicines.

The Swiss Technology Award is the most important recognition for innovation and technology transfer in Switzerland. The award is given by a 16-person panel of experts in a two-step process and honors the the innovations by Swiss companies, universities and start-ups. The award ceremony took place on 19 November at the Congress Centre in Basel in front of about 1,000 dignitaries from economics, politics, and business.

Years of development rewarded

Sensile Medical develops and produces new types of micropumps for highly precise dosing and delivery of liquid medications. These medications can be dosed and administered to the patient very precisely with the internally developed SenseCore Technology.

CEO Derek Brandt: "Winning the Swiss Technology award is a great honor for Sensile Medical and demonstrates our strength in innovation. Our devices are simple to use and safe to apply. Patients benefit. And therapies can be optimized at the same or lower costs."

Compared to competitors, Sensile Medical can offer its products at a distinct price advantage. Thus, the company contributes to cost reduction and increased efficiency in the area of health care.

Connecting patients with industry

Sensile Medical connects patients with industry and develops specific medical products for customers. Partners and customers are renowned Swiss and international pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and drug companies. These companies use the SenseCore Technology developed by Sensile Medical in their products.

Chairman of the Board and investor Erwin Conradi: "The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are working worldwide on the development of new drugs and medications in liquid form. It is exactly in this growth market that Sensile Medical is active with its products."

For this reason the company sees multifaceted opportunities in this growing global market for liquid medications.

Urgently seeking experts

Sensile Medical currently employs about 60 people, mainly in the areas of enginieering, electronics, software development and micro system technology. In order to support the ambitious plans for growth, Sensile is seeking highly qualified employees.

CEO Derek Brandt: "Within two years we would like to be employing 100 people. We are urgently seeking people with engineering backgrounds. However, there seems to be a shortage in this area in Switzerland."

Therefore, Sensile Medical will be trying to put more emphasis on recruiting new employees.