On November 5, SHL Group, a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of drug delivery devices, held the inauguration of its new Liufu site in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

SHL’s largest facility to date, the Liufu site spans 63,000 sq m of modern office space and advanced manufacturing capacities. SHL has already installed five dozen brand new, fully electric injection molding machines and has further plans to expand to over 100 – promising high volume production of SHL Medical’s autoinjectors. The site also boasts a dozen cutting-edge, fully automated high-output assembly equipment. The facility was built to ensure not only optimal production but also ensure quality of SHL Medical’s line of drug delivery devices using advanced, high-accuracy testing and laboratory equipment.

A state-of-the-art building, the Liufu site is designed with energy-efficient features. Among these, heat generated from its fully electric molding machines can be repurposed for power-saving consumption. Also, the facility utilizes a centralized monitoring system to automatically manage energy consumption, ensuring efficient electricity usage.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by various professionals and government dignitaries. The Speaker of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan, Su Chia-Chyuan and Vice Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-Hua were all present to grace the celebration. Officials from the central as well as local Taoyuan government were welcomed by SHL Founder Roger Samuelsson and SHL Medical CEO Ulrich Faessler.

"With decades of industry experience and beyond, we move towards an unprecedented expansion of our people and facilities. Establishing the Liufu facility is part of our vision and commitment to advancing the production of our autoinjectors, which have helped redefine the patient experience of self-injection over the years," said Ulrich Faessler, CEO of SHL Medical.

Celebrating 30 years of unparalleled leadership in the drug device industry, SHL welcomes the advent of digital technologies and the inherent advantages it brings to the future of healthcare. Strongly realizing the need to develop connected therapeutics – SHL, in collaboration with digital healthcare companies, will establish connected devices that will help improve the drug device experience of end users. Currently, SHL has also been active in supporting the development of a solar-powered water distribution system as part of its agenda to support clean water for sustainable food production.

SHL is ready to commence with the Liufu factory’s automated manufacturing operations.