Manual sample preparation is a labour-intensive task influenced by many factors including the environment and user skill. To add to the complexity, many of the substances handled are active and potentially toxic to operators, thus requiring the often cumbersome addition of a safety enclosure.

To reduce the risks of both operator error and operator exposure, Mettler-Toledo developed the Quantos automated dosing system, which offers both liquid and powder-dosing modules. The system is helping labs across the world reduce or virtually eliminate out-of-specification results, rework/disposal costs, and operator exposure risk.

Sample preparation via weighing rather than volumetric dosing can reduce the required minimum weight of handled substances by 30%. This impressive reduction means that only the minimum amount of precious, rare or toxic sample material is used. Operators reach precise concentration levels while fully complying with USP guidelines, even when handling powdered substances that are prone to electrostatic charge.

Because Quantos is modular, your configuration and level of automation will vary depending on the specific workflows in your lab. Discover how this innovative dosing method is enabling accurate sample preparation in less time and with greater safety by visiting the product page now.