Holding the widest flight network in the world, Turkish Cargo undertakes an important mission within the extent of struggling the pandemic by carrying UNICEF's (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) Kovid-19 vaccines and health equipment all around the world.

This successful brand, delivered 1.7 million doses of Kovid-19 vaccine supplied by UNICEF from India to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in cooperation with global shipping company Kuehne + Nagel. Having 30 years of experience in private cargo transportation, Turkish Cargo successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 syringes belonging to UNICEF ​​from Barcelona to Tunisia and Covid-19 vaccines from Amsterdam to Kiev, Tbilisi and Amman.

Having a unique service quality as well as the widest flight network in the world, Turkish Cargo takes an important responsibility in delivering Covid-19 vaccines to the whole world, and continues to cooperate with national and international authorities within the range of struggling the global pandemic.

In the past months Turkish Cargo has delivered China's Sinovac vaccines to different destinations in the world, continues to carry many different types of vaccines and delivers healthiness. The successful brand, which protects the cold chain in the most ideal conditions with its 'TK Pharma' product designed with the utmost sensitivity in private cargo transportation and designed in global standards, transports medicines and vaccines to all over the world with its operations with IATA CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) pharma certificate.

Creating a global pharmaceutical corridor among more than 400 destinations in the world, Turkish Cargo reaches more than 300 destinations, 96 of which are direct cargo destinations, and continues to offer 24/7 basis to its customers in its global network by making use of its fleet of 365 aircraft.


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About Turkish Cargo:

Turkish Cargo, which performs air cargo operation to over 300 destinations 96 of which are direct cargo destinations in 127 countries of the world, provides service in its hub in Istanbul that is strategically important for connecting the continents with a fleet composed of 365 airplanes 25 of which are direct cargo. The world’s fastest growing and developing air cargo brand, Turkish Cargo targets to become one of the top 5 air cargo brands in the year 2023.

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