that play a key role in the Mediterranean diet, and have been proven to support cardiovascular, metabolic, digestive, immune and skeletal muscle functions, all of which are vital for healthy ageing. In addition, Wellemon®, Pomanox®, Mediteanox®, Cynamed®, ABAlife® and Spisar® are all gently processed with an eco-friendly, proprietary extraction technology that uses only purified water as a solvent.

Euromed will also showcase its Earth Harmony Organic Extracts®. The 16 available ingredients, from artichoke leaf to valerian root extract, are produced in accordance with sustainable practices and full traceability from seed to the final organic-certified extract.

During a lecture at 3pm on May 10 in the New Ingredients Theatre, attendees will be able to discover the power of botanicals from the Mediterranean diet for mental and physical health. Under the title “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano: Unlocking the Active Nutrition Potential of Mediterranean Extracts for Mind-Body Health”, Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communications & Marketing at Euromed, will give insights into botanical traceability, sourcing, quality control, research findings and formulations for holistic health products.

Another digital presentation will dive deeper into the topic and provide product developers with insightful information on how best to select appropriate botanical ingredients. Entitled “Beyond the Plant: How Our Bodies Process and Benefit from Botanical Extracts”, the presentation will explore digestion, bioavailability and effectiveness of specific botanical
extracts, and will be available on-demand from 1 May at the Vitafoods online platform.

Andrea Zangara explains: “Considering chemical complexity of plants and all the external variables, it’s increasingly relevant to investigate both efficacy and bioavailability of certain extracts, such as those high in polyphenols like pomegranate and lemon. From mental wellbeing to active ageing, our standardized botanical compounds provide a broad range of clinically validated health benefits which are specific to the extracts tested, and cannot necessarily be applied to other extracts. Our vertically integrated supply chain and strict quality protocols ensure the development of high-quality functional foods, supplements and other products for active nutrition and holistic health. At our booth and during our presentations, visitors will learn more about that botanical journey from seed to final extract.” For further information, please visit: