The subject of the new brand image shows products for the consumers as real pictures – of yogurt, chocolates, pet food, and shampoo – superimposed with illustrations showing the corresponding packaging type. The sections of the packaging made by Constantia Flexibles are always highlighed in red. A brand booklet provides a brief overview of the Consumer brand, including the brand platform.

New Claim: “We’ve Got This Covered”

“As a global company, we at Constantia Flexibles understand our customers’ highest priority: having a reliable partner who is able to optimally meet the needs of its customers,” says Thomas Schulz, VP Group Marketing & Communication. He adds, “Anticipating consumer trends and using these as our foundation, ensuring the highest product quality, developing meaningful innovations, and establishing long-term relationships – this is what we stand for. In other words, ‘We’ve got you covered.’ Much more than a slogan, this is the motto we live by. It represents what we stand for as a brand and our promise to our customers. It is in our DNA and shows how we work, how we think, and how we question the status quo in order to improve our packaging solutions. And even in challenging times, we remain steadfast in supporting our customers. In the truest sense of the word, we ‘cover’ them, just as we cover their products.”