Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, has completed the rollout of its innovative third-generation Connected Health Platform (CHP). The cloud-based platform provides a safe, scalable and trusted medical device data system (MDDS) for pharmaceutical companies and drug delivery device developers, offering a unique opportunity to reduce risk, cost and time to market for connected health solutions.

Incorporating more than a decade of experience in developing connected health solutions, the Phillips-Medisize CHP encompasses extensive information-sharing, analytics capabilities, robust cybersecurity and streamlined regulatory documentation.

The Phillips-Medisize CHP is built on technology from the world leader in health data interoperability and includes an advanced analytics package designed for connected drug delivery devices, biosensors and regulated Mobile Medical Applications (SaMD/MMA). This enables customers not only to quickly generate views of their data but also to create a data presentation layer for analytics.

"Our CHP further demonstrates our commitment to creating innovative solutions for our customers. This allows clients to quickly change or fine-tune reports without the need for costly, time-consuming software development," said Matt Jennings, CEO and president, Phillips-Medisize. "We are providing the tools needed to extract powerful health and market insights."

In addition, the CHP can integrate healthcare data from multiple sources thanks to the enterprise master patient index. The data can be made actionable for payers, providers and pharma, allowing patients to be added to specific care pathways. The CHP also allows for data normalisation across geographies for global comparison, and data can easily be anonymised or pseudonymised to support clinical or market research.

Clients can be deployed in a secure private cloud. The Phillips-Medisize turnkey offering includes a proven cloud partnership with a credible legacy of health data security. Clients are also able to use many other cloud hosting options or their own data center.
"By offering our platform as a service (PaaS), we’re responsible for data security, management and storage. That gives our customers the freedom to focus on what they do best – creating connected health solutions that provide better patient experiences and facilitate improved patient outcomes," Jennings said.

Phillips-Medisize also helps to lower project costs and accelerate time to market for new connected health solutions. The latest generation CHP comes complete with full regulatory documentation services to support premarket submissions for 501k, combination products and certification mark. In addition, Phillips-Medisize can act as the legal manufacturer for SaMD/MMA, the same service the company provides for the medical devices it manufactures.

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