Avery Dennison (NYSE:AVY) is a global leader in labelling and packaging materials and solutions – its diverse technologies are used across every major market. The company operates in more than 50 countries and has more than 25,000 employees. With global headquarters in the US, and European headquarters in the Netherlands, Avery Dennison focuses on service excellence, business insights and technological innovations, helping to make brands more inspiring and the world more intelligent.

As the inventor of the self-adhesive label, Avery Dennison offers an 80-year track record of innovation and technical expertise. Its contributions to the pharmaceutical market span all continents, and include the latest, state-of-the-art labelling technologies. Examples include time and temperature smart labels, low-migration labels, small mandrel labels and hanging labels.

Proven, consistent and compliant

Pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging is changing as technologies and global healthcare services evolve. Effective labelling plays an essential role when ensuring operational efficiency, security and compliance.

The comprehensive Avery Dennison pharma labels portfolio is designed to meet all pharma segment packaging challenges. Benefits include a shorter time to market, using pre-tested components; a choice of high-tech adhesives; and assured regulatory compliance, complete with robust change management (with long notification times for any changes to terms of supply or specification). A wide range of regulatory standards is met including FDA 175.105, CONEG, Reach SVHC and ROHS 2/WEEE.

Security for brands and patients

Manufacturers in the global pharmaceutical market face many challenges, from intense competition created by low-priced generic drugs through to regulatory changes and threats from counterfeiting. Avery Dennison has the resources, commitment to investment and portfolio needed to safeguard both brand reputation and patient safety – anywhere in the world. We provide pharmaceutical companies with all of the service and technical support needed to create applications such as a simple syringe label, tamper-evident packaging, extreme anti-counterfeiting protection or functional labelling components. We are also one of very few suppliers able to offer all adhesive technologies including hot melt, solvent and emulsion.

High performance portfolio

Dedicated medical products often demand very high levels of performance. For example, a label may need to adhere to a very small diameter container or difficult substrate, or it may need to offer low levels of migration. Avery Dennison partners with label converters to make sure that the solution chosen can perform as needed in many different environments.

Migration risks

Applications with a high migration risk, such as fluid-filled linear low density polyethylene (LDPE) containers, can be created using Avery Dennison S692NP – a clear, permanent adhesive that adheres well to many tightly curved substrates including glass, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). This adhesive also gives excellent UV resistance and weatherability.

Blood and plasma bags

Blood and plasma bag labels require enhanced product security and traceability to mitigate risks from intravenous treatments and transfusions. Avery Dennison can supply primary labels and secondary labels engineered to meet the most demanding criteria.

Hanging labels

Avery Dennison’s self-adhesive laminates can be used to create hanging labels, with the weight of either glass or plastic bottles firmly supported. Tear-resistant films are combined with high shear adhesives, meeting compliance requirements for good water resistance, sterilization and stability.

Cryogenic applications

Avery Dennison labelling products are designed to provide the flexibility and adhesion performance required when using liquid nitrogen during cryogenic processes. They withstand temperatures between -196°C and +90°C, coping with dry ice, steam autoclave and gamma radiation. They are also resistant to chemicals commonly found in clinical environments including Xylene, Isopropanol, Dimethyl Sulfoxide and 10% Hydrochloric Acid.


Pre-filled syringes are convenient, accurate and cost-effective. Avery Dennison labelling materials offer excellent mandrel performance, and ensure that all required information remains visible and in place. A choice of luminescent adhesives and PP films allow transparent film labels to be seen easily under UV-light detection equipment, and also resist autoclaving, gamma radiation and ethylene oxide sterilization.

Smart labelling solutions

TT Sensor Plus™ records the temperatures an item is exposed to throughout its supply chain journey. Based on the temperatures that the product is exposed to, TT Sensor Plus can indicate if the item is suitable for its intended use. The data is stored in an NFC chip and can be uploaded to a smartphone at anytime, anywhere throughout the supply chain.

Opaque labels

Opaque labels can effectively remediate small mistakes on packaging, and also allow cost-effective packaging in different languages. Avery Dennison opaque overlabelling materials avoid any interference from underlying barcodes, and can be combined with facestocks and adhesives specifically engineered to maintain integrity and sterility in medical environments.