Do you require the right thermal packaging solution for transporting your temperature-sensitive products? We have been supplying our thermal packaging to pharmaceutical, biotech and logistics companies worldwide for over ten years. Our top priority is to effectively protect our customers’ products while minimising costs in the supply chain.

va-Q-tec is a dynamic high-tech company and has been pioneering the development of innovative solutions in the insulation industry since 2001. va-Q-tec offers products such as high-performance thermal packaging and airfreight containers. va-Q-tec is located in Germany, the UK, USA, Latin America and South Korea, and serves customers internationally.

As a pioneer in the field, va-Q-tec has already won numerous national and international awards for space-saving and energy-saving technologies.

What can our cold chain packaging solutions do?

Customers around the world, particularly in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, are facing great challenges: enhancing laws and regulations such as GDP (good distribution practice), different transport times, extreme ambient temperatures and strictly defined internal temperatures.

Reliable solutions from va-Q-tec ensure that the cold chain is actually preserved during everyday handling. Our innovative high-performance packaging is suitable for transporting thermally sensitive pharmaceutical, biotech or blood products as well as transplants. Compact and lightweight thermal packaging from va-Q-tec features excellent performance with standardised configuration for all seasons.

You, as a customer, can decide which thermal properties are required during transport by simply selecting the appropriate modules – it’s so easy. In-company laboratories also give customers access to tests and qualifications. Our team of experts is happy to advise you on your individual requirements.

Learn more about packaging solutions for clinical trials, commercial distribution, and last-mile and lab distribution.

What are thermal packagings from va-Q-tec made of?

High tech for your temperature-sensitive products: transport solutions from va-Q-tec contain vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), and heat and cold storage elements (phase-change materials – PCM). The usage of VIPs allows our products to achieve up to ten times the performance of conventional packaging.

In line with the individual requirements, we offer re-usable products as well as single-use packaging. va-Q-tec is a trendsetter for manufacturing and developing innovative and powerful thermal packaging. Learn more about the core components of our products.

ISO certificates and patented va-Q-check quality control

Quality is at the core of everything we do at va-Q-tec. The continuous improvement of our structures and the auditing of our quality, energy and environmental management in line with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 5001 and ISO 1401 helps us to successfully manage constant growth, and to remain true to our high demands for products and customer service.

With the use of vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) the provision of a quality performance check system is vital. va-Q-tec’s unique and reliable quality check system for VIPs, called va-Q-check®, enables the exact insulation quality control within seconds before every packaging release. va-Q-check ensures qualified performance and the reliable reuse of temperature-controlled packaging.

Modular packaging va-Q-proof

The cost-saving and multi-use thermal packaging solution: since 2014, va-Q-tec offers the va-Q-proof® box, tailored to the needs of our customers, adapting various requirements like size, temperature range or performance. With the cost-saving and multi-use packaging system customers benefit from high-efficient and space saving vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) technology and proven phase change material (PCM) quality. They can chose between eight sizes from 11 to 74L.

Additionally, the new va-Q-proof line features a wide selection of different components. This enables customers to reach various performance levels with the same basic shipper and even maintain temperatures for more than 120 hours. Customers only pay for the performance they really need. Our reliable thermal packaging solution keeps the inside temperature for precious cargo constant – even under extreme outside conditions. Customers can choose between five product temperature ranges from -50 °C up to +25 °C. The system is especially developed for clinical trial shipments and other sensitive goods like medicine or pharmaceuticals, which need a strict temperature control.

Container rental services

Managing a fleet of containers or supplies of single-use packaging materials can be a challenge. Storing and assembling the materials takes time and space, both of which are valuable resources. Self-assembly or systems with complicated handling create potential risk for deviations and often require extensive operating training.

In our LOAD&GO rental service, containers are delivered preconditioned to your shipment origin. When the container arrives, simply open the door and load your goods. You have more than 120 hours’ performance from the arrival of the container. The rental period starts when the container is delivered ready to use, not before. All included in a single rental price.